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Hereford High School

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STAAR Test Results Student Portal

Parents and students can review recent STAAR test results online at Instructions are posted below.
Please contact counselors at the high school if you are having trouble with your unique access code.
2. If you need Español, select language in the top right corner
3. If you don’t have your students Unique Access Code, select Find My Access Code
4. Enter Student’s First Name
5. Enter in SSN or State ID number
6. Enter in the student’s birthday
7. Once you have the code you can select “Go” or return to the Student Portal
8. If you need Español, select language in the top right corner
9. Select which STAAR Assessment you are wanting to examine
10. There are 4 sections you can choose from
a. Test History
i. Takes you back to the main page where you can select another test
b. Test Results
i. Gives test specifics to where you can find a comparison to district, state, and campus.
c. Detailed Results
i. List the questions and compares to state, district, and campus
d. Test Questions
i. Has 2 to 3 sections depending on the assessment
1. Passage
a. If there was a reading section the passage will be displayed
2. Item
a. Shows the exact question, the TEK, and how the student compared to district, state, and campus
3. Rationale
a. Gives an explanation as to why each answer choice would be correct or incorrect
  1. 11. Select another test by choosing Test History or sign out