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Lisa Formby » Welcome to the nurse's office

Welcome to the nurse's office

I have been a registered nurse for 35 years with my first 14 years spent working the Emergency Room and Intensive Care Unit at HRMC.  I then worked for Hereford Home Health Care for a couple of years before coming to work for Hereford ISD 20 years ago.
Some people look at school nurses and think that all we do is apply bandaids.  That is NOT what school nursing is about  We do put on bandaids but we do so much more.  Sometimes we are the only health care professional that some of our students see.  When a student walks into our clinic we preform 101 assessments before a word is even spoken.  We are seeing more and more medically fragile students in the school system and this requires us to stay up to date with the latest treatment regimes and medical technology and devices.  It is a very complex job but it is one that I love.