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Chad Martindale's Web Page

Daily Schedule:                                           Start times
1st period- Tutorials                                    7:50
2nd period- Psychology/ Sociology             8:26
3rd period- US History                                9:17
4th period- US History                                10:08
5th period- US History                                10:59
6th period- Conference                               12:45
7th period- US History                                 1:41
8th period- US History                                 2:32
9th period- US History                                 3:23
I graduated from WTAMU in 2012 with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Studies: Composite. I was a substitute teacher in Amarillo and Canyon ISD for two years after graduation before working in Hereford. I have taught W. History, US History, and W. Geography at Hereford ISD since August 2014. Starting the 2020-21 school year, I will be teaching Psychology, Sociology, and continuing with US History. Email me with any questions and how to keep up with what your students are learning in class by using a Remind101 app and Goggle Classroom.