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Hereford High School

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Endorsements / Programs of Study


A student shall specify in writing an endorsement the student intends to earn upon entering Grade 9.

To earn an endorsement a student must demonstrate proficiency in the curriculum for the Foundation High School Program, a fourth math and science and completing one of the following


Arts and Humanities

                  Five Social Studies credits

                  Four levels English with last level being an advance English

                  Four levels in either Art, Music or Theatre


Business and Industry

                  Program of Study:


                                    Animal Science

                                    Food Science and Technology

                                    Plant Science


                                    Design and Multimedia Arts

                                    Business Management

                                    Accounting and Financial Services

                                    Culinary Arts

                                    Web Technology

                                    Advance Manufacturing and Machinery Mechanics




Multidisciplinary Studies

Four advanced courses that prepare a student to enter the workforce successfully or postsecondary education without remediation.

Four credits in each of the four foundation subject areas to include chemistry and/or physics and English

Four credits in Advanced Placement or dual credit selected from English, mathematics, science, social studies, economics, languages other than English, or fine arts.


Public Service

                  Program of Study:

                                    Teaching and Training

                                    Exercise Science and Wellness

                                    Healthcare Diagnostics

                                    Healthcare Therapeutics

                                    Law Enforcements

                  Four courses in JROCT



                  Program of Study:


                                    Programming and Software Development

Four credits in science by successfully completing Algebra II and two additional mathematics courses by which Algebra II is a prerequisite.