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College & Career Readiness Resources

Welcome to the College & Career Readiness Page

Steps in Applying for College


  1. Choose a college. - Consider size, location, cost, admission requirements, a course of study, family tradition, physical facilities, extracurricular activities, honors programs, transfer of credits, etc. It is strongly recommended that you visit college campuses before finalizing your decision. Did you know!!? You get 2 excused absences when you are a senior to do college visits!
  2. Meet admission requirements: a) grades; b) testing, (ex. ACT, SAT, TSI) These can be found on the colleges' websites in the admissions page.
  3. Obtain applications: Apply for all schools in Texas through ApplyTexas -
  4. File Your Financial Aid: The earlier you file FAFSA or TAFSA the more likely you are to receive money!
  5. Submit Your Transcripts: Request a final transcript from your high school registrar. This final Academic Achievement Record will have a state seal.
  6. File applications: If an essay is required, make sure it is college ready! Grammar is important! Proofread then proofread again!
  7. Decide on your housing - Are you going to live on or off campus? On-campus housing is limited so apply early! Be aware of any deadlines for housing applications. 
  8. Check on Deadlines: Make sure you are aware of all deadlines for your school. This includes application deadlines, scholarship deadlines, and other things like New Student Orientation and Registration. 
Picking a career can be overwhelming! Take the quizzes below to see what jobs fit your strengths and interests.

Find out your options on how to pay for college education costs. Understand tuition and fees, financial aid, and scholarships and loans.

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