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Dual Credit

  • Gives the opportunity to earn college credit while gaining high school credit.  
  • Students must meet state and local eligibility requirements
  • Complete the steps of enrollment and payment as instructed by the college.  
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Dual credit classes:
  • Helps prepare students for college work
  • Offers additional support from the high school teachers
  • Saves money- discounts are given to high school students who are taking dual credit
  • Credits will from Amarillo College will transfer to any public Texas college*
  • *Students should research their college majors to ensure which courses are needed for their degree

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You must meet testing requirements to enroll at Amarillo College.  
To get more information about the TSI go to:
The video below gives STEP BY STEP instructions on signing up for Amarillo College.  
If you have any questions need additional help, call AC at 371-5214 or 371-5941